Spring Semester Registration

On Dec 17, 2018, permit prices decrease and Spring Semester Registration begins.

Eligible Residents can order the I-2 Permit. At this time, we will not be making any West Permits available. The I-2 South Permit will allow you to park in upper level of the S-4 Garage for the interim. You will be added to the waitlist for W-2 in the order you purchase the permit. We will begin filling West once the semester starts.

Commuters, please order the I-1 Garage Permit until they sell out. Then, the I-2 for South Campus will be available.

Parking Portal

Welcome! Use the Parking Portal to order a Permit and manage your parking account.

Student Parking Registration for 2018-2019 will begin July 10, 2018. First time student registrants, please have a copy of your Proof of Ownership available for upload. Then click Get Permits below and choose Affiliated Login on the next screen.

Links to the Villanova University Home Page, Parking Regulations, and Student Registration Information are available below. Contact information for the Parking Office is available at the bottom of all Parking Portal screens.