2018-2019 Student Parking Registration Instructions

2018-2019 Student Parking Registration begins July 10, 2018. Please review the Parking Regulations and Registration Instructions on the Parking website. All Permits purchased through Aug 12, 2018 will be mailed to your permanent address or Villanova mailbox for residents. Permits purchased Aug 13, 2018 and forward must be picked up from the Parking Office. RA's not on West or South, please add the vehicle to your parking account and contact the Parking Office for other parking accommodations.

Commuter Permit

I-1 Garage Permits have sold out for the Fall of 2018

Please order the I-2 South Permit instead. You will still need to come to the Parking Office in Garey Hall for pick up.
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Event Parking: Villanova students and staff members must use the Guest checkout to purchase event parking.